Reduce Credit Card Fees and Save Money

If you're tired of paying hefty interchange fees but still want to accept credit cards, MBN’s cash discount program is the solution for you.

Save thousands on credit card processing fees.

Watch our Merchant Video and learn all about how this cash discount program can work for your business.

Cash Discount

How It Works

At checkout your terminal will automatically add a small service fee onto your customers’ bill. If your customer pays with cash, check or gift card this fee is then deducted from their receipt. Any fees that are collected are automatically applied to your credit card bill saving you thousands of dollars every month. Test our calculator out below to look at your savings.

Risk Free


Try our Risk-Free Cash Discount program and quickly see ho much you can save.

Fast Setup

Hassle free payment processing is just a call away. Our plug and play equipment gives you a fast and easy setup.

Legally Vetted

Our cash discount program is 100% legal. You benefit from the same laws others have been taking advantage of for years.

Save Thousands

It's just a small amount on your customer's bill, but you save thousands in yearly processing fees.