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Do you need money quickly in order to grow your business?

Business owners are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs often need money fast in order to take advantage of opportunities. However, banks and other traditional funding sources are not ‘entrepreneurial’ in nature and take way too long to approve funding.

Therefore, we help business owners obtain the funding they need quickly in order take advantage of high yield opportunities. We will often approve and fund an advance in about 1 week with a simple 1 page application and usually do not even need to see tax returns.

We have 2 solutions, and our simple 1 page application will get you a quote on both products! We offer a merchant cash advance where we will look at how much revenue you process in credit cards each month and will typically advance you that amount. Then a percentage of each daily credit card batch will be deducted from your deposits until the advance and finance fee are paid back. You never have to send in a check and the never see a debit from your bank account.

We also offer an ACH Debit Program where we will look at your total annual sales and advance you on average 9% of your gross annual sales. We will determine a daily payment you can easily afford and debit that amount from your bank account each business day until your advance plus the finance fee are paid back.

We can get most businesses pre-qualified for both our ACH Debit Funding program or business cash advance with 1 simple, one page application.

The terms, from 5 months to 24 months, are manageable and convenient.

It does not matter how long you have been in business, whether you have credit card receivables or not, or even if your own credit has been an obstacle in the past, we probably have a program for you.

If you have a healthy business and could use working capital financing, contact us today and see how simple our process is.


§ Expand operations § Consolidate Debt § Handle Operating Expenses § Fund additional Inventory § Manage Payroll § Purchase New Equipment § Emergencies

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