What are the rates and fees for High Risk Accounts?

Rates and fees vary significantly with high risk accounts. This is how it will work: Once the Pre-Check Form and supporting documents have been submitted, underwriting will review your account and notify you of the fee plan they offer typically within 2 business days. It is your choice to take the offer or not.

Is a reserve required?

Not necessarily. It varies based on your processing volume, where we are able to board the account, financial stability, industry type etc. But sometimes having a reserve account to cover the underwriting bank from the risk of chargebacks can give you a more reliable processing partner and lower your overall processing costs.

What Documents are needed in order to get the ‘pre-approval”

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. 3-months of Business Bank Statements (if applicable: start-ups must provide personal bank statements)
  3. 3-months of Processing Statements (if applicable)
  4. Licenses (if applicable)
  5. Driver’s License
  6. Voided Check
  7. Industry specific (Contingency Agreement, Fulfilment Agreement, etc)
  8. Financial Statements (when requested or if >$150K/month in volume)

What documents will I be required to provide for the account approval?

New Applications:

  1. Completed and signed application.
  2. Photo Identification. Color copy of current Passport, driver’s license, Government Issued Identification, of owner(s)/ signatory(ies).
  3. Past 3‐months processing statements. (if Applicable)
  4. Past 3‐months bank statements. (if Applicable)
  5. Corporate documents: Copy of Articles of Incorporation (or equivalent). If DBA; please furnish DBA filing. If not available, a copy of your business license may be considered an acceptable substitute.
  6. Most Recent Utility Bill showing proof of Legal Business Address.
  7. Most Recent Utility Bill showing proof of Home Address for all members/shareholders of the company.
  8. Business Plan for start-up/new business.
  9. Business License IF required by law or for specific industries (i.e. ForEx, Gaming, etc.)
  10. Compliant Website:

What is needed for a website to be considered “compliant”?

For Websites:

  1. Clear description of goods and services listed on site.
  2. Clear pricing and currencies of each and every product and service.
  3. Terms and conditions clearly stated online.
  4. Privacy policy on site.
  5. Contact details and location of business easily found on site.
  6. Customer service email and phone number listed on website.
  7. Times listed that customer service is available.
  8. Refund policy clearly stated.
  9. Shipping policy clearly stated on order page.
  10. Display Visa and MasterCard logo’s at checkout.
  11. SSL on all pages where customer information is collected.

How long does it take to get an approval?

Once all the documentation have been received, we can usually get a pre-approval within 2 business days. Assuming you want to move forward with the offer at that point, plan on 3-5 additional days if it is a domestic offer or an additional (3-10 days) if it is offshore.

What countries can we do business in?

We operate globally through a network of solutions providers: All countries, all currencies.

Can you help me incorporate offshore?

Yes. It is simple to incorporate in other countries which is done online, about $100 and within 48-hours.