About Us

The Vision:

The Vision of The JV Soltis Group, Inc. is to both revolutionize and reform entrepreneurship and small business ownership in America thereby ensuring that both the entrepreneurial spirit and small business ownership remain the heart beat of the American work ethic.

The Mission:

To provide small to medium sized businesses with simple, affordable and high-value solutions that 1) Increase their revenue 2) Improve Brand recognition in their target market 3) Decrease costs 4) Reduce Risk and 5) Improve customer satisfaction. We do this through partner companies which provide our agents and sales reps with upfront and or passive residual income at no cost to the merchants.


Small Business Ownership:

We want to make it easier for small business owners to grow their businesses and compete in today’s economy by providing all the tools and business services they need to grow and market their business while maximizing the return on every dollar they invest.

We realize that today’s small business owners are competing with the big box retailers with multi-million dollar budgets. Our job is to make sure we enable small business owners to go ‘toe-to toe’ with the big boys even though their budgets are in the hundreds, not millions, of dollars and their access to capital is constricted by traditional lending sources. We aim to solve all of the major problems for today’s small business owners.

However, small business owners do not like “to be sold” anything. Rather, they like to ‘buy’ solutions, goods and services that directly solve their problems. Therefore we only represent services that directly solve at least one, if not more than one, of the 5 reasons small business owners ‘buy’ anything. That is to: 1) Increase their revenue 2) Improve Brand recognition in their target market 3) Decrease costs 4) Reduce Risk and 5) Improve customer satisfaction.


The entrepreneurial spirit is part and parcel of the American spirit. Happily, we have seen the flattening on the pyramid structure of businesses in America over the last few decades. Today Americans are realizing more and more that if you really want to get paid what you are worth and you really want job security, you have to be your own boss and you have to work both hard and smart.

The goal of The JV Soltis Group’s independent agent model is to provide entrepreneurs of all experience levels a secure way to become successful, wealthy and financially free entrepreneurs as long as they are willing to work hard, smart and consistently. Furthermore, we do not believe that any dollar amount provides financial freedom; rather, we believe that only passive ‘cash flow’ or ‘residual income’ provides financial freedom. So we look for products that you can help small business owners buy that require little or no maintenance from the sales agent but that solve a real problem at a great price for the small business owners so that the small business owner freely chooses to continue to buy and agent’s passive income is secure. Since, residual income takes a while to build up, and giving the small business owner a great price is key to a long term relationship, agents also need upfront bonuses. So we look for products and services that provide an upfront bonus to the agent at no cost to the small business owner.

For many, entrepreneurship and small business ownership may seem like an unattainable dream due to lack of higher education and funds. However, The JV Soltis Group, Inc. solved this problem too by using technology to both communicate with & train both independent agents and small business owners.

Now any US Resident can become an Independent agent with little more than what our CEO’s Great Grandparents had when they emigrated from the Slovakian villages in the foothills of the Tatra mountains (the inspiration for our logo) to the Ohio Valley over 100 years ago. The JV Soltis Group, Inc.will ensure that the American Entrepreneurial spirit lives on in America today and in the rest of the world tomorrow.