To provide small to medium sized businesses with simple, affordable and high-value solutions that


1) Increase their revenue
2) Decrease costs
3) Reduce Risk and
4) Improve Customer Satisfaction.

  • Increase Revenue

    Are you looking to increase your sales or obtain funding for working capital?
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  • Decrease Costs

    Are you paying more than you need to pay for quality operational costs like payroll services and payment processing?
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  • HighRisk

    Being High Risk or Medium Risk doesn't have to mean you can't get a Merchant Account
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  • Reduce Risk

    You take risks, but you do not gamble with your business. We can help make sure you operate with minimum risk so you can focus on maximizing your return.
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  • Join Us

    We are always looking for new vendor partners who can help us fulfill our mission to provide great services and value for small business owners and great opportunities for our sales force.
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  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    External customers want to be able to find you, and enjoy buying great products from you. Internal customers want you to provide user-friendly operational solutions.
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The JV Soltis Group, Inc. wants to help American small business owners to minimize their operating costs. However, we would never ask you to sacrifice quality.


We currently offer payroll services for just $89.95 per month and the price does not change if you pay weekly, biweekly or monthly. Pay your staff as often as you like for the same low monthly fee.


We also offer payment-processing services through our processing partners. There are many different solutions we can help you with; however, we are always committed to help you find to lowest total cost to accept payment. Contact us today to tell us a little about your business and we will help you make the best decision for your business. h

We are always looking for more services to offer our clients. Tell us what costs you are trying to reduce and we will get to work finding the best solution with the right partners.